recently i was diagnosed with HPV... the kind that causes genital warts..
i had around 6 warts and had them removed using cryotherapy.. the removal was successful. the warts were located on both sides of my frenulum.. and were removed after a few cryotherapy visits to the local GP..

now after about a month of healing i still had a small scar that was a round shape on one side of my frenulum.. i seemed fine and i assumed it was scaring that had just stretched from having sex... (my girlfriend has been vaccinated for HPV) but i realised today that the whole goes all the way through to the other side and i can actually see through my frenulum, its as if ive had a piercing down there and removed the ring.. and there is just a small hole left.. and is completely painless and looks like its a healed hole as such.. just few things that need to be clarified..

1. is this a bad thing?
2. will it heal?
3. ways to help it heal?

and this next question majority of you will not be able to answer...

4. i am starting to see a wart forming around this hole on one side.. i think its very small tho? do i continue cryo with the hole there or wait for the hole to heal before conducting cyrotherapy?

p.s i will be seeing GP tomorrow but just would like some opinions or advice from people who know what they are talking about.