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I have a macular hole in my right eye and it cannot be repaired. I now have a spot starting in my left eye. would like to know what causes them? also heard of a study in europe with the over use of asorin, I have used asprin for years for my hart, 2 81mm a day.


Hi Smurph,

Basically a macular hole is a tear in the macula, the tissue near the retina.

One cause is that the vitreous fluid, kind of a gel that fills the eye, shrinks and pulls away from the retina, causing these holes.

Get another opinion on the repair. Surgery is often possible and has a 90% or better success rate.

I know of no link between aspirin and macular holes. Aspirin, taken to prevent clotting (heart) should also help maintain circulation in the eyes as well.

Do get another opinion. Good luck.