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My daughter had open heart surgery at the age of 2. She healed wonderfully and has been doing great up until the last few months. She kept telling me she was having chest pains, so I took her to the cardiologist to have her checked out. They did an echo and Ekg and everything looked okay. Her doctor said that when children have OHS at such a young age they can have "growing pains" later on when the chest begins to stretch/grow with age. I felt better after seeing the doctor, knowing that her heart is okay. He said as long as the pain was not during exertion, which could mean heart problems, that she should be alright. We were told to give her ibuprofen for pain. She hasn't said much more about having chest pains until this morning when it was so bad that it woke her up and was so painful it made her cry. Is this normal? Is it going to get worse? She is almost 9 years old and obviously is going to keep growing, has anyone else dealt with this problem? I just want to make sure it is normal and I am doing the right thing for her.


i would try to get rid of the scar tissue . two products will do that. if she can swallow pills then give nature sunshine he shou we. it is an herb that eats away scar tissue. if she would rather have a liquid herb get a product called pure herb, rst-c. it will also eat away scar tissue. i have used both and they work very well.