my mother is having a heart problem.i dont know perfectly vat type of aheart problem it is.but i know that she is having a hole in mom has a most peculiar behaviour.she suffers a severe chest pain wen she gets anger.she gets a very high temper 4 vry vry silly things.obviously we get angr wen she shouts so much 4such silly things and then the scene gets worst. wen she is happy she will b normal.but wen she gets anger her heart beat becomes vry slow. other thing is, irrespective of her mood she doesnot sleep properly.she moves her body all night.she sleeps hardly2or3hrs per a day.she feels drowsy during the early morning time. but she sacrifices that time 2 make food for us as we go 2 college 'n'my father 2 office.please tell me vat type of heart problem is this.please tell me reasons 4 her sleeplessness and show me the ways 2 make my mother sleep sound. iam eagerly waiting 4 ur reply.frm aneesh

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