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Hello my mate is 47 years of age. Has high blood pressure issues has recently had a procedure done to unclog artery  which they found out during the procedure that his artery was clear and he may have sleep apnea. But his left side of his heart is still fauling. They doubled his water pills and has lost alot of his water weight. But he often gets a cramp like feeling in his left rib cage that goes away. He has had swollen legs feet and hands at separate times. Doctors can't seem to find a diagnosis  either. Can somebody give us some advice or tell us what they think it may be please this is getting scary.


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I can't believe they would do surgery to unclog an artery that turned out to be clear. What kind of testing did they do that showed them it needed that? I just had a series of heart tests because I was short of breath. I had 6x bypass surgery 20 years ago so they did a series of stress tests and finally an echo cardiogram. I was surprised at what they were able to tell me about my arteries and heart from just those tests. If there had been any blockages they would have found them. I can't imagine doing surgery for something that did not exist.

Do you have other options for doctors/hospitals for testing?