Hi.. I am less than a week of being 18 years old, and I feel like I need to find answers.  My mother is 40 years old.  Almost three weeks ago, she started having extreme headaches for about 4 days in a row. I was gone with my grandmother on trip in California and my mom did not tell me a thing for me to worry.  The 4th day she woke from a nap, since she had been working 3rd shift for 15 straight years.  She got up to go the bathroom and remembered everything except getting back to her room.  She had fainted in the hallway and no one was there.  She can't remember how long she was there, but it was for quite a few hours and she ended up hitting her head.  She called a close friend who is a nurse and they checked her vitals.  They tried to convince to go to the ER, but she did not want to.  Finally she was convinced was brought to the ER.  They ran all the tests, vitals, and a cat scan.  They found nothing abnormal except that she had extremely high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, and high anxiety.  They gave her medication, but there has hardly been a change. She was ordered to get off nights to change her lifestyle and have a normal sleeping pattern.  She thrives on about 3 hours sleep per day/night.  She has fallen asleep easier, but cannot stay asleep for more than 4 hours.  Her high blood pressure is still not explainable. She cannot keep still so they diagnosed her with high anxiety.  They believe something is bothering her.  It could have been caused from work problems, me being gone for a week and half, and her boyfriend not being a support system.  They just threw medications at her, but nothing is working.  They even doubled the high blood pressure pill, but every now and then it skyrockets, and she sweats greatly. She constantly feels hot. They tell her she could die if she doesnt change her ways. She has been trying to control her life better.  We dont eat all that bad of food, yet she is sadly overweight. By how much i do not know. She has been trying to drink more water, and exercise everyday.  I have walked with her several times, a walk about 3 miles.  Her stress level is through the roof, and no doctor will or can explain.  I feel like she needs more medical opinions...could someone help me and tell me what this could be? what we should do?