Hello. I'm 18 -years-old (5' 1" ; 110 lbs), and I've been plagued by insomnia since late June. I would have sleepless nights every week or so, sometimes two nights in a row. Sometimes, I may be exhausted due to marching band, but I'm still unable to go to sleep until around 5 AM. Recently, moments after I go to bed, I start having heart palpitations that do not settle even after I take calming breaths or stand up and do some slow stretches. Even if I do not eat anything before I go to bed, I still have them. I take sleeping pills and some other natural sleep aids to help me relax, but most of the time, they don't seem to have any affect; other than the occasional aspirin, I take no other medication. My mom says it's stress or the mattress I sleep on. I was pretty sure it was stress until I started having the heart palpitations (I also get them when I'm marching outside). Is this something I should go to the doctor about? Would something like asthma or poor diet be causing this? Thanks to whoever replies.