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I recently had a vigorous training practice. That evening after practice I started noticing very frequent heart palpitations. I have had heart palpitations before, usually when I was very stressed or when I had too much coffee while studying. It has been 3 days so far and the palpitations are felt throughout the day but increasing in frequency in the evening, especially right before I eat my dinner, and then moreso after dinner.

I haven't changed my habits or my diet. I am 26 years old. I am a light smoker(4 cigs a day). I am overweight but I am exercising 3/4x a week. I have lost 8 kg in the last two months. I am a student, so I have a reasonable amount of stress, but have been much more stressed in the past than at the present moment.

I noticed that I can induce the palpitation by taking a deep breath.
I have listened to my heart, and felt my pulse during the contraction. I didn't hear a premature beat-pause-compensatory beat. I just hear my regular rythme, then a long pause, and then the compensatory beat.
Everywhere online I've read that these palpitations are a benign situation, but I just am a little worried why all of a sudden they have started to happen so frequently...and then started right after my vigorous training practice. Being that I am overweight, and always have been, and have always trained for my sport, I am a little worried that something might have happened to my heart, or that there is something else going on.

I know that when I go to the doctor, the palpitations won't happen. I had my friend listen, and of course they stopped.

A-fib runs in my family, my mom and her dad both have it. I know this is not a-fib, but maybe it is leading up to that?

Any insite would be great. Should I be worried? Should I be at the doctor's office instead????


It could be that you are starting to exercise more vigorously and your heart isnt used to it. Also try cutting down on your caffine intake/energy drinks if you drink them




i get the exact same thing, i notice mine while exercising, and when taking in deep breaths. They also occur for no reason at all. I have been to the doctor many times, had every possible test done. Some people just get them, and are more prone to them. Most people actually have palpitations, just some of us are more sensitive and feel them ( could be because we are so anxious and worried about it )

Although they are a pain in the butt, they are nothing to worry about. If you feel it could be more than what it is, there is no harm in seeing your Md.


I got these palps (PVC's) after starting weight lifting - had them a few years - most at night and finally worked out they were caused by low iron levels, started taking a couple of full RDA iron tablets for 3 weeks and they went away. Before I relised it was iron I got palps from stress and coffee - but all just a sign of low iron levels.