I am 16 female. For over two weeks ive been feeling extreme exhaustion no matter how much I sleep, for the past week ive had no appetite and stomach pain but I still ate anyway. I woke up four days ago nearly throwing up. later I tried eating and it made things worse. today I tried to start my normal day but I was experiencing extreme dizziness and weakness so I went back home. ive been try to eat small things but no matter what I just feel sick. other symptoms ive been experiencing here and there are conufusion (typically when I'm trying to walk somewhere and I get dizzy, also sudden movements or noises, also randomly feel a spinning sensation as if the room was spinning), shortness of breath (not severe mostly feel like I cant take a deep breathe, gets way worse when doing simple tasks like climbing the stairs), I have also noticed my heart rate feels abnormal (sudden change in sound leaves me more startled than normal and makes my heart rate increase, also when I try to take a deep breath in I notice my heart race increasing, not sure iif this is normal it doesn't feel normal), another thing is my concentration its hard to concentrate on what I should be typically or its too easy to concentrate on one things its just really off, I can only concentrate on one thing but I cant stop concentrating on it, like I find myself zoning out for like 20 minutes or ill be doing something and completely shut out the world around me and realized hours have passed, this is partially why I get startled so easily its like breaking a solid concentration. I don't think I have any other symptoms. I guess I should mention I have a history of anxiety and depression, I also have a history with insomnia and digestive problems. Though I don't believe it is any of those because I have had those problems for years and this is just happing recently and it seems to be adding on new symptoms every day. its starting to worry me. please help ASAP.