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:-( hello iám a latin man in my late 43´s, 5´7" tall, 100 k weight.
i´m tire of being scared.

my symptoms are: upper stomach gets very tight after a meal.
swell, and sore abdominal area.
sudden hearth bumps like if i were about to suffer a
a heart attack, but with out any pain, or shortness
of breath or left arm pain.
a couple of panic attacks
some nausa, on ocations, specially after a spicy meal.
sudden air bubbles that provoques me unproductive
and quit lately , sudden stabbings pains at my right
side head, just avobe my ear.

when i´m experiencing those symptoms, (specially my chest very tight) , the only thing that releases this uncomfortness is erupting ( blurp).

several doctors had told me , that it is gastritis, but, i had it long time ago, besides i dont have acid reflux.

other doctor told me it was costocondritis.
anotherone told me it was an hiato hernia.
otherone told me it was nervious or exces of stress.

all of x-ray and blood test as well sugar level, oxigen in blood and cartiladge , show nothing at all, no hernia, no colesterol, no nothing.

so please i´m begging you, what could it be wrong that doctors havent found, yet.


I have the exact same problem.



It sounds to me like it is possible that your tight stomach is caused by gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining that can also lead to erosion. Gastritis causes symptoms like feeling bloated, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling full quickly, burping, and chest pain. 

I would suggest you get another doctor. It sounds like you haven't had much luck in the diagnostic department so far. Perhaps with the next one, you can ask them if your problems could be caused by gastritis? An endoscopy can be used to confirm that diagnosis, so maybe ask for one?



I have chronic cough after eating, feeling bloated, wierd feeling in the left arm, feeling wierd heart pains, symptoms of fear and anxiety. I hope you get this, you wrote this months ago...

I have had these symptoms for about five years now, I have been to every doctor under the sun and they just are inconsistent in evaluating what is going on or are overly dogmatic.

I have been diagnosed with two things: hiatal hernia (2cm) and sarcoisodis. I believe it is the hiatal hernia that is probably causing these problems but I can't be sure. In any case. If you find anything which helps please let me know. my email address is _[removed]_


I guess you need to try Yoga. ( simple yogasana but everyday morning)
Also try to improve eating habits. Make sure to give enough time for digestion.


i get the same thing!
its reli worrying me
but i called the ambulance one time because i really couldnt breathe and i got diagnosed with panick attacks
but.. i have a tight chest specially round the top of my stomach almost constantly
so.. yeah
your not alone :-)
i'm only 16..


i am also having the same problem, and no one seems to believe me, ive been in and out of doctors for awhile because of my chest pains and stuff ..dont know what to htink, but its nice to know there are poeple who know what im feeling. I also have a sinus infection that just wont go away, which doesnt help things ...i hope soon someone finds an answer for this ..a real answer


p.s. i was just wondering if anyone else feels weak alot, no engery, tired when you get a full u hours sleep? thats another big problem im having right now. Also i have massiv bags under my eyes and nothing will help it. and im white as a goast, kinda like im dead lol ..


hey tiffanie84,

In the past 3-4 days I feel a horrible heart thump, feels like my heart stops then makes a huge kick.

Im 19 and for the past month iv'e had to sleep in every day I can, even going to bed at 7:30pm some days and still feeling tired throughout the day.

I really hope someone can help us %-)



wow only 19 and feeling this way, thats crazy. Ya im also tired alot. No matter how mcuh sleep we get we still seem so tired and weak :S something just isnt right.

the heart thumps are usually pulpitations, which can feel really awkward. Ive had those checked and apartently theres nothing wrong with that, i disagree, it shouldnt be right to have those.


I'm glad to find this message board. Just like all of you, I can constantly feel my heart beats, in particularly in the area around my throat and way down to the chest and I have to cough to relieve the 'tension'. Once a day I have this 'huge kick' as ging3r described.

The symptom is most obvious when I lay down in bed at night. My chest feels 'tight' and I feel as if my heart is going to come out from my mouth, such an unpleasant sensation. Evidently I can't fall asleep until 3 a.m.

Maybe the prospect of a forthcoming visit of my family (I got married and live abroad) makes me very nervous? (Will my house please them? Will they be happy with my arrangements? Will they find me older and rounder) I drink 2 cups of decaf every weekend, would it be the cause?


Im a 23yo male and feel the same way, my stomach has a tendency to "gurgle" a lot, i feel short of breath a lot of the time (which i relate to being a smoker) and my heart seems to have an irregular beat to me, not the doctors. Although with the heart beat it sometime feels like it might be a muscle around the heart and other times it is distinctly my heart.

Through all the tests done and all the diagnosis i have been given nothing seems to have worked, has anyone here had any luck with foods, specific exercises that helps with the feelings?


I have recently had, for more than a month, heart palpatations 24/7, extreme thirst, so tired I fall asleep everywhere, starving and overall feeling horrible. I have thyroid issues so had that tested and my heart, and was told by my doctor I was just stressed, nothing was wrong with me. I went to my acupuncture doctor who immediately said it was simply acid reflux even though I didn't have those symptoms -- he said my esophagus was spasming and that was the heart palp feeling in addition to the tired, hungry, thirsty symptoms. He did his treatment and said to simply not eat things that cause acid as acid is the most deadly thing to our bodies... he suggested eating better and often, every 2 hours, and drinking tea with honey (honey heals cells) and the problem would be resolved. A list of acid causing foods is on the internet (google) and I was eating all of them even though I did not have burning or other symptoms of stomach irritation... so, no onions, spicy food, assorted beans, assorted nuts -- focus on alkaline producing foods... I know I will be better shortly...just knowing it is something easily fixed has reduced my fear and stress level and I slept last night...


Let me tell you what happened to me with this tight stomach feeling.

I was living my life just fine and then BAM! Someone I really wanted to be friends with attacked me verbally and she was maybe high or something while she did it.

I tried to talk to her but she just kept spewing venom at me.

So... why I'm telling you this is that EVER SINCE THAT NIGHT, I have had this super-tight feeling in my upper stomach. Kind of like a hungry feeling, but I'm not hungry 'cause I eat well.

My abdomen feels really hard like many of you described.

What I finally did to make myself feel better was this:


After I did this, the stress went away. I was holding all that pain inside. I know it sounds weird, but I think what I learned is that we hold feelings inside if we don't deal wtih them. Man, that must be how people get cancer. I'm serious! So I cried and cried. Because I feel I cannot be this person's friend. I really wanted to be her friend. We could've been good girl friends, but I don't think she wants to be my friend, and that made me really sad.

I also learned that that area is called the "heart chakra" in Eastern thinking, and that if you touch that area and it's painful, then you might have some emotional hurt stored there.

Does that make sense?

Well, crying helped me a lot. I have to see this person again soon and I know I'll either be attacked again by her... or I will stop her from verbally attacking me by saying: "Stop beating me up with your feelings!!!!" (cause she was telling me I caused her to feel all these feelings, which I don't. We are not responsible for how other people feel; that is the truth.)

So I hope this has helped some of you because I think our society doesn't feel enough or in my would-be friend's case-- some of us feel so much that we dump our feelings on others and expect them to feel for us, if that makes sense.

My stomach is better. My doctor says 95% of what she sees in her office is STRESS-RELATED. I really believe that. So let's learn to relax people and let ourselves be healthy and well.

Peace to you.


Try going on an elimination diet: I had the burping, the feeling of irregular heartbeat and the tight feeling in my stomach for a long time, along with the bubbles and the feeling of discomfort in my throat: though I never knew it, I was allergic to wheat and a host of other foods. I suggest you take an allergy test and try and lighten up on starchy foods ( for me Yukon gold potatoes will do it every time, as well as wheat): in the fruit area, its bananas and grapes, though i'm also allergic to other foods. I'll say again an elimination diet is your best chance of discovering the cause: