I am a 20 yr old female. I have passed out from pain almost every-time that I get menstrual cramps. I recently fainted though at school. I had an slightly increased heart rate but i could feel it in my chest. I started to get some pains on the right side of my chest and side and then just felt really fatigued and tired. I went to the next building, drank some water went the bathroom and as i was walking down the stairs i felt like i got vertigo. I sat down and then laid down for awhile and ate a couple cranberries, which made me feel nauseated. I then got really thirsty and went to get some water and stood up and then just passed out. I got up shortly after and got some water and decided to just sit for awhile. I started to feel better and then worse in waves. I would get really really hot and start sweating and loosing my vision and kinda fall back and then come back again. Finally my prof. took me to the doctor where they took my blood pressure and pulse which were normally. They let me lay down for awhile and gave me some Gatorade. Then they took some blood and sent me home to put my feet up. My blood tests came back fine and then the next day I started to feel funny again and went in to the nurse. They just said go home and rest.

I have had:
tingly fingures and feet
arms feel heavy but at the same time like they are floating
really hungry and thirsty but the thought of food in nauseating ( have to force food)
difficulty in breathing fully, feel like im taking short quick breaths
memory and concentration lapses
sticky eyes ( normally wear contacts but they bother my eyes)

Im 5' 3" and weight 128lb, im on no medications right now, not sexually active for the last 6 months