My 19 year old son was attacked and beaten by another man on Friday night, he is compaining that his ribs hurt to touch, take deep breaths,and move around. I am wondering if I should use heat or ice? We tried an ice gel pack off and on all day yesterday, but no real relief. He is taking pain killers, but they don't seem to be doing much either. I went and bought some analagesic cream. Don't know if this will help either.

As for the black eye, he has lots of swelling, bloody white of eye, and bruising under the eye. He has a job interview in a couple of days, is there anything that will take the bruising away quickly?

He is also experiencing nausa, and vomited a little while ago. Could this be the result of a concusion? I am very concerned, but he doesn't want to go to the emergency room, he wants to wait and go to the doc tomorrow.

What should i DO??????

Concerned Mother..................