I'm 17 years old and I have been struggling with chronic neck pain since October 9, 2015. I suffered from an anxiety attack and had been throwing myself around pretty roughly. I have never had problems with my neck before but that week of fall break I had been down in my neck. But I assumed it to be from the car ride to vacation and took some ibuprofen and expected it to get better. But it never did. About a month of being back home and still suffering with a sore neck I went to a chiropractor. It gave me some relief for a day or two but then I was right back to where I was. The neck pain comes with headaches, feeling lightheaded, feeling weak, faint, nasuasa, pain into my shoulders, back, and arms. I was in so much pain one night my mom took me to Riley children's hospital emergency room. They did an X-ray and saw nothing and said it was probably just a pitched nerve and to use heat and ice and ibuprofen till it gets better. Considering that's what I had been doing it never seemed to get better. I made monthly visits to the chiropractor, and regular visits to my regular physician. I've been on several muscle relaxers I've tried physical therapy for 2 days a week for 6 weeks and they said my range of motion had only worsened. The physical therapy helped with my posture and relieved some of my back pain that came with the neck pain but all my symptoms were still there. I recently went to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and got an mri and an consultion. He only saw what everyone else saw that I had a disc that didn't grow like the others and might cause me some problems down the road but shouldn't be bothering me now. He said it was not surgical and to maybe look into pain management programs. Which includes cortisone shots and my parents don't want me having those at 17. So now I'm at a different chiropractor who is helping me twice a week. No one seems to know how to help me. I'm not living a life a 17 year old should I'm constantly ditching plans because my neck hurts to bad to be gone to long. The pain and symptoms just seem to be getting worse and I'm running out of options. Messages, medicine, essential oils, chiropractic help, heat and ice, traction, nothing seems to help. If any one can suggest options or is going through something similar tips would be well appreciated!