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I would like to know what is the physical result of receiving a hard enough slap with the back of the hand on the bone below the eye (note that the person was wearing a ring). Would this result in a broken nose ? If not why does the person feel as if it is broken and how long can the pain last in the nose area ???


It may have resulted in broken nose or bones under the eye ball, but not necessarily.
The pain will surely be there and may last as long as the bruises last. If you had it checked by a doc and you were told that there was no fracture, then there is no fracture but it would still hurt because of the blow.

I suppose you saw an ophthalmologist as well to see if an eye injury occurred. If you haven’t seen an ophthalmologist and you have been experiencing some vision difficulties, you should do that as soon as possible because an injury to the eye could have occurred.

The bruising is not so serious like other possible injuries. These include: orbital blowout fracture (bone fracture under the eyeball), broken eyeball, detached retina, injuries inside of an eye. Bleeding inside of an eye can occur even some days after the injury.
If there are cuts in the skin, especially near the eyes, you should be taking antibiotics to prevent infections.

Hope you heal soon! You could be applying ice packs (not directly to the skin) to reduce the swelling and the bruising, and may decide to take some anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain until it subsides.