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Hi there

I'm writing because i'd like to know if anyone has experienced a similar thing to me.

I have had a headache for 3 weeks now, it is a dull, heavy headache which is across my eyes, temples and base of skull and neck, it is tender when i press on temples or base of skull. I don't wake up with this headache, it normally properly comes on at about 11am, I am mildly sensitive to light but definitely sensitive to sound.

This headache has been accompanied by little black dots that almost sparkle in an arch in my left eye, these have been constant for 3 weeks, they haven't got worse or better, they have stayed the same. They are not in my field of vision and I only really notice them when i am faced with a light background but they are always there.

I have suffered with tension headaches in the past but never accompanied by the black spots which is why i'm a bit concerned. The headaches are not severe enough to interupt too much in my daily life, i am still able to go to work, i just find them very irritating and after work all i want to do is sit in a cool, dark, silent room!

It might be worth mentioning that i have recently moved to a new area and started a new job role which has been somewhat demanding, so I am inclined to think that an element of stress may be involved in this, if the black spots weren't evident then I would just put it down to stress but as they are quite unusual i'm concerned.

I have been to the doctors twice and been given migraine tablets that haven't really worked and I have also been to an eye specialist who has ruled out any optical problems, he said my eyes are completely healthy. He said he thought I was experiencing migraine visual aura, so I decided to research this, I could only find that visual aura comes and goes whereas mine has been constant for 3 weeks, so not sure whether it's this.


I would really appreciate hearing if anyone else has experienced something similar or knows what the hell it could be!


Thank you :)


Tell your doctor these symptoms and ask for a stress test to be performed.  This will tell if anything is wrong with your heart.  What you are saying is not normal, I am no doctor but you may be lacking proper circulation.  Also drink lots of water.  Lots!!!