im 23 had a baby 7 months ago. after i had the baby i used birth control, the 3 month one. i used it twice and i understand that it can go crazy, and during those six months i would bleed for some days then stop and so on. then i would stop overall and it would start again. then i was supposed to get my shot in october and i wasnt able to get it, and it was normal. now i've had it for the past month with cramps, and the other day i went to pick up something and a terrible pain struck me in my womb. i started to bleed even more and especially when im standing up. another thing is that during my pregnancy they found fybroms and that i was at high risk for cancer, they did the colposcopy and they found spots, but the werent able to do a byopsy. now im really concerned i hurt a lot and i wont stop bleeding please tell me what should i do.