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I'm a 33-year old male. 6'4", 170lbs, very good shape. Had a hemorrhodectomy in February of this year. Have been losing hair and started taking Finasteride (1mg) and using Monoxidil (5%) for a year or so. Suddenly, about 3 months ago, I noticed that my hair is now falling out in clumps - whenever I'd run my hand through my hair it would be full of hairs with white bumps at the end. I can also pull on my eyebrows and a few will come out readily.

I do have a family history of thyroid disorders (my half-sister and my dad), so I went for a blood test. THS levels were within norm and my doctor said there is no ground for anti-body test.

Can I still have a thyroid problem, even with THS being normal?
Anby advice is greatly appreciated!


You might be better off with another opinion, he did not really give you an answer to your hair loss.. with your family history an endocrinologist might be the best person to ask

your T3 and T4 can be off and you can have a normal TSH...get another opinion..also the standard norm for the TSH has changed over the years if your Md is older he may not be up on all of this..