I was able to talk the nurse into faxing the results of my u/s to me and it had scared me. I almost had to leave work because I was so emotional but I was able to tough it out. Here's what the report reads:
Radiology Report - Transvaginal Ultrasound
Findings: The uterus is unremarkable in appearance and it measures approx. 7.2cm in sagittal legnth. The endometrial stripe measures 9mm. A subendometrial cyst approx. 3mm in size is visualized. Nabothian cyst incidentally noted in the region of the cervix.
The right ovary has a complex appearance and is enlarged measuring approx. 5.2x3.2x2.6cm. It contains complex cystic lesion approx. 3.7x2.1x2.3 cm and contains small follicle. No free fluid is present in the cul-de-sac
Impression: Right adnexa is enlarged and has a complex appearance. This may be related to a hemorrhagic cyst but repeated transvagainal ultrasound is recommended after appropriate treatment in 1-2 cycles.

Help Please!