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My wife was in a car accident a couple of weeeks ago, and she now has a fairly large swelled and hard feeling on her bicep area. She was told it was that she damaged 220 layers of skin called hematoma, and could tale a couple of months to heal with no instructions about what she could do to help the healing process. I am concerned that it is actually a blood clot, and could cause extremly adverse physical damage. What are your thoughts?


Hi there,

I know that hematoma is a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels. So I am not really sure what did they tell you at the hospital. The fact is that this happens often when your body suffers a big injury, like your wife did in this car accident. These hematomas tend to stay under the skin for a long period of time but in the end they will disappear as well as the pain does. Did they gave her any medication for the pain or for the prevention of blood cloths? I hope that you wife will get better and that this helped you in any possible way.


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