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I fractured my right clavicle at the sternum, fractured my right scapula and fractured my arm in three places am a little over three weeks post injury. I have a very hard lump (size of golf ball) underneath my clavicle just to the right of the point of fracture. It feels like lump is pushing out against my clavicle. It is not painful but it does not feel right. I'm having sharp and constant dull muscle pain in the right shoulder joint exspecially as the day progresses.

I am due back for check in three days. There was no surgery done on any of the fractures.

Any insight? Any chance of first rib being problem. (but no pain involved)


Hi there,

You really had a big accident? How did this happen? Were you in a car accident? The lump is most likely the swelling or the accumulation of the blood that come from burst blood vessels underneath your skin. I am not sure if the doctors are able to remove the lump that you have but you might try to get the lump smaller with warm compresses. Are you using any pain killers for the pain? What did your doctors tell you how long will your recovery last? Sharp pain will be noticeable for long period of time. I hope that this helped you in any way.


Best wishes,