Countless ped visits, 12 visits to the ER ( 3 diff hospitals), 1 hospital admission that lasted 3 days, 5 visits to the pulmonologist and 3 different ENT doctors later-nevermind ALL the meds... The wind up is that my poor little 3 year old girl has been poked and prodded and treated like a ginea pig and the whole time it was her Adenoids! Her adenoids are huge and are obstructing her airways. When she gets sick-something viral-the adenoids are what causes her to make so much mucous and then she gets the cough. She goes for surgery to have them removed in April and God help these doctors the surgery/her adenoids better have been the problem! I will update after her surgery a few times to see if the cough returns. Im not saying that this is the answer/solution for every poor child going through this but maybe it is for some. Hope this is all helpful. It is worth checking out! Good luck to all.