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My daughter, age 11, has been stuck with horrible cold-like symptoms for about a year now. The main thing is that her nose is awfully congested and runny (if she leans back, you can see how filled and overflowing it is). She also has a minor wet cough, but that is much more manageable.

By now we have figured out quite the "system" - since she needs to blow her nose every 2-10 minutes (no joke), she has packs of tissues in her desk and bag at school, there are boxes all over my house, and at dance, she makes sure there is always a box in the studio she's dancing in. But she is very uncomfortable. And now as she's becoming a more competitive dancer, competitions have been very difficult for us (for her solo, she was blowing her nose until she went on stage and I was ready with a tissue backstage for when she came off) and we are still too scared to send her to a convention. And it doesn't help that she can't breathe through her nose, so she gets out of breath so quickly. 

We can't really travel with her or even go on day trips because of this. When we went on a ski trip, she skied one day, constantly stopping on the hill for tissues and water (her throat gets so dry because of her heavy mouth breathing) and she came home with the messiest face mask and jacket I've ever seen. She didn't ski another day. And when we went to Florida, she was in the room for most of the day because she couldn't really swim. And car/plane rides are miserable.  

The coping mechanisms we've developed so far, besides keeping tissues handy at all times, have been a) we do a sinus rinse every few days (haven't found this to be helpful) b) she does nasal spray five times a day (7, 11, 2:30, 6 or 7, before bed) which we have found to be helpful, but you're supposed to clear your nose before which she can't really do.. c) she will occasionally take a decongestant. Her nose is also so red and raw from blowing it like 2 or 3 hundred times a day so we put stuff on it for her whenever she needs it. And she has an inhaler for when her cough is bad. 

We've gone to our doctor and some specialists and the only answer they've had has been that it is very severe nonallergic rhinitis and that something is causing her mucus to rapidly overproduce (I know, gross!). They say surgery couldn't help because it's not about her adenoids or anything like that.

So, do you guys have any ideas of what could be causing this or any ideas for some more coping mechanisms to help? Thank you so much :)


Could there be mold in the house?? It only takes alittle of it hidden somewhere for it to be terrible for some people. Try removing her to stay somewhere else for at least 2 wks and see what happens.