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i had these surgeries at the age of 59 and believe me i thought  was going to not make it.  this is the worst surgery i have had beside hemrroidrectomy.  i am still recovering.  i am on my eighth day.  it is so rough and nobody knows how you feel but you.   don't listen to people who says , it is not rough.  i hope and pray that i never have to have any more surgery.


I wouldn't believe anyone who said they had a smooth time with a tonsillectomy!  If you're an adult having the surgery, it is so much worse than when a child has the procedure.  I know of 3 adults having it last year, and they had so much trouble with the bleeding and the pain from it.  I decided I would never have it done, especially since my dad almost bled to death from it when he was a child.  I haven't heard anything good from it.  However, my daughter had her adenoids out when she was five, and she was sore for a day or two, then was pretty good from that point on.  I am sorry you had to go through the pain and torture of that surgery.  I hope you don't need any more surgery either!