Hernia following C- Section and lots of Palpitation!

Hi! Had my section C-Section 12 weeks ago for my third daughter and having a hernia now with palpitations on and off. Been to my Physician several times. my heart and lungs have been checked to make sure the palpitation is not being caused by a malfunction but everything was fine. I really look pregnant and I can actually feel the organs in my stomach just by touching the swell! Has anyone has this experience befor with palpitations caused by hernia? The palpitation start whenever i pick up something or make a movement that has to move the abdomen too and lasts for about 15minutes accompanied by weakness and sometimes chestpain (like a lump were in my chest) and slight headache. I´m looking forward to the surgery to correct the hernia, but it hasn´t been proven yet that the palpitations are really caused by the hernia. It is so uncomfortable and the kids are suffering coz of that. I have to pause whenever the palpitation start . please share ur experiences with me or opinion.

Thanks Susi