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I have some sort of Hernia It is either inguinal or Femoral and I am 5 months pregnant, it is growing pretty rapidly it is about the size of a golf ball now and it is difficult to stand or walk for longer than about 10 minutes. Do I have to get this surgically removed during my pregnancy or can i wait until delivery (I am having a c-section anyway) if I can wait until delivery does this mean I may have to bed bed ridden?


A surgery to remove hernia is not advisable during pregnancy. However, you do need to be examined by your doctor and see what s/he suggests.
If the hernia is so severe and causing you a LOT of trouble and is posing risk to your health, you may consider it but only during your second trimester.

However, if you can avoid it, do so in order to avoid all the complications related to a surgery. So, the general advise is to leave the hernia as it is and get it operated once you had recovered from the delivery.

About whether you will have to lie down all the time…..i don’t think so but of course it depends on how much problems you are experiencing with the hernia. There are these small steps you can take to avoid any aggravation and it involves supporting the hernia when coughing, sneezing, laughing out loud because these are the moments when they protrude the most.

Pregnancy itself won’t add much to the enlargement of your hernia. Good luck!