I am going crazy over these two bumps that I had. I shaved with cheap razors and usually shave across my inner labia just to get those ugly strands of hair that seem to grow there. Maybe a week later I notice to bumps in the area. They look like pimples and did not have any fluid in them so I squeezed them with a hot towel. Then they turned into sores and didnt bother me at all. A few days later i noticed another bump in the same area and it had a hair on it and was painful. I figured it was a ingrown so I put a hot towel on it and now it is a sore. This sore is fresh and it hurts and itches. I put cortozine 10 gel on it and it burns then cools and I dont feel it for awhile. When I look at the area it just looks like three pink sores. Only one hurts and itches. They are close to the edge of my inner labia majora. Like almost on the outside but in the inside. I don't have any symptoms of herpes and it does not really look like herpes but I could be wrong. I was with my girlfriend for 7 months and havent recieved oral sex from her for about a month. Any similar problems. Im going to get checked for herpes Friday.