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Two weekends ago the area between my inner and outter labia began to itch, a few days later my clitoris started itching as well. It was unbearable. We had recently ran out of our normal body soap and substituted some bath & body works soap until we could get to the store. I wasn't sure if maybe the change in soap plus the heavy perfume in the B&B had disturbed the balance and irritated or what was going on, but I put some neosporin on my clitoris to ease the itching and it was gone in a couple of days. However I did NOT place it on the area between my labias, because I was worried it was to close to the inside and may upset the balance more causing a yeast infection or something along that line. I have never had any sores or pain urinating nothing to alarm me. Today it still itches, just not as bad, I also noticed today that it was raw and seemed bright red (almost like blood.) I would normally say it was from itching and go on, but this past saturday I woke up and showered to get ready for my day. As I was doing my make up I noticed my left index finger started to itch. . I looked at it and it had 3 little bumps. My first thought was bug bites but as I continued to do my make up more appeared til there were about 8. They started out looking like tiny hives and ended up looking like tiny blisters or pimples. I popped them put neosporin on and a bandaid and went about my day. Later I was telling my bf about them and he told me he thought it was poison ivy and that I shouldn't have popped them or wore a bandaid because that would spread them and they needed to dry out. I didn't believe it was poison ivy because its winter and to cold and icy out, but he sprayed it with ivy dry and it did dry up. Still skeptical I looked on the internet and the first thing that popped up was herpes whitlow. In most cases it was much more severe than my tiny bumps but in several instances it looked identical. It also said that it could occur after itching a herpes infected area. I got worried that maybe my problems were much more severe than just bath soap. Since then my finger still has the dried up bumps and I have been doing more and more research. I was reading today and it seems that it will be hard to tell either way if its herpes or not because so many things cross over each other. I also read that herpes whitlow can be associated with a fever and swollen lymph nodes. . my throat had been sore for a week prior and on 2 seperate occasions recently I've had a mild fever, monday being one of those days. As I dug for more research also came across were eczema on the genitals is often confused with herpes and I also have issues with eczema and psoriasis (currently I have a patch of eczema on my left cheek bone.

I'm not sure what to think of it all. I plan on going to the dr ASAP in the mean time I'm sick with worry and have lost so much sleep its hard to function at times. Part of me thinks I'm over reacting and another part tells me I'm not. I'm scared and just not sure what to make of everything crossing over and the blurred lines . .

I have also been with someone who was not truthful about who he was with and so on, so this also concerns me.

Thank you for your time.


symptoms are starting to match up. Go see a doctor