So, I just thought I'd check back, cuz after I wrote the last time, I didn't think anyone was comming back to talk. So great to hear from all of you!

Dawn, did you find out anything about your kids? What's the update on your eye?

Lisa, so your mostly recovered? That's sooooo wonderful if you are. You've come a long way, baby! ;-)

Dr. Red, did you buy some goodies at VS for your girlfriend?

Well, I'm back in college! I go to school two days a week, including this morning, so I can't be long. I'm on birth control pills, for the estrogen cuz I'm still not sure if my ovaries are working. During my seven days of sugar pills a month, I'm having hot flashes, so I'm thinking the ovaries may be permenately shut down from the uterine fibroid surgery.
Besides going to college, I'm trying to work, my daughter is in basketball season, my son moved back home to get his GED (and possibly go to college), my father in law moved in to try to get back on his feet after radiation and chemo treatments for cancer and losing everything he owns. My husband is booked in his business until the end of Feb, and is starting another bus at the same time, so i don't see him too much lately.

My health is holding up, back playing racquet ball and injuring myself about every other game. i'm soo thankful!

That's my update, youre all in my prayers today! Gotta go to school, talk with you'ins later! Hugs