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Hi anyone,

In December my husband 53 years old, went and had and urine test done, and Blood test done,d test were fine But urine test alBuMin concentration 618 mg L, creatinine concentration 2O.9 mmol L, alB creat ratio 29.6 mg mmol,  He has high blood pressure too and it was high he was on atacand 35mg at the time.

As the alBumin was high doctor got him to do a scan of the kidneys, and discovered an infra renal abdominal aneurysm with mural thrombus, otherwise everything looked fine, even with the IV Contrast. They changed his atacand to coversyl 5 mg and Nopravine 5 mg his mum had it too abdominal aneurysm no thrombus, and died in her sleep in 2O11, she too had high blood pressure, and her kidneys were working less than 5O% . his grandma died due to a thrombus ,his uncle dads Brother has the same issue too with the aneurysm in abdomen his is 5.5,

he is under Dr Adrian Ling for the aneurysm, and he said that once it hits above 5 he will do the surgery, through the groin and it will Be a day surgery, the doctor checked his pressure and it was sys was133 , dia was 89, today he also got his urine test results albumin concentration 194 mg L, creatinine concentration 16.3  mmol L, alB creat ratio 11.9 mg mmol, ut the doctor said that they worry more about the alB creat ratio 11.9 , I Know they are above the normal levels, AS ALBUMIN CONCENTRATION should Be Below 25, and alB creat  ratio should Be Below 2.5, I need to know if the doctor should have increased his dosage, as his pressure should Be Below 12O AND 8O, because the lst time we went to get the test for the urine in April last week, it was 14O,

DR said that they worry about the alB CREAT RATIO AND NOT THE albumin concentration, and that it is better than the first so to come  in three months July he has Been on COVERSYL 5MG AND NApROVIN 5 MG SINCE September 2O12,  my mum lives in NZ and her Albumin level was 4O AND the doctor got her on high blood pressure tablets and checked her urine every week till it came below the amount and he checks it every three months now, as she had pressure too and did not know.  He had one done in between after the initial one and then it was 12O BUT SHE DID NOT IVE ME A Copy OF THAT , like to know if theY SHOULD HAVE ASKED HIM TO SEE A KIDNEY SPECIALIST TOO OR SHOULD THEY HAVE INCREASED THE MEDS FOR PRESSURE OR IS THERE ANY OTHER BLOOD OR URINE TEST THAT HE NEEDS TO DO. I am worried as he also has the aneurysm,  am I worrying for nothing or is the doctor right that they are not worried about the alB concentration of 194 But the alB creat ratio OF 11.9, AND if the meds has got it down from 618 isn't that an indication that his pressure is still high they should e looking at the medication 

Is there anything that I should do or ask the doctor any information will e greatly appreciated or any questions that I need to ask . God less you all



Hi there

Still going for check ups 6 monthly, all the other areas that they took scan off are ok lungs, head, legs, he has emhasyma, smokes still, WHICH DOES NOT HEL AND HAS SILICONE NODULES IN LUNG, HE HAS SEEN A LUNG SECIALIST A FEW YEARS AGO HE CHECKED THE RECENT SCAN THAT WAS DONE AND SAID NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE THE LAST ONE TWO YEARS AGO BUT NEED TO DISCONTINUE SMOKING. hIS alumBumin in urine from 6OO CAME DOWN TO 12O  after three monthly urine check, the other one after that has gone to 198, still on same dosage as coversyl 5 mg and norprine 5 mg, they will continue to check his urine every three months, I worry as his mums kidney function was elow half,  my mum had alumin just 4O AND THEY MADE SURE THAT THEY GOT IT BELOWTHE AMOUNT BY ADJUSTIN HER hb TABLETS AND CHECKING HER EVERY TWO WEEKS, URINE TEST , UNTIL THEY GOT THE DESIRED RESULT, SO WHAT i CANT UNDERSTAND IS WHY THEY HAVENT BEEN DOING IT FOR MY HUSBAND AS THIS TOO COULD BE THE CAIUSE OF THE ANNEURYSM,  ASthe HB RESSURE IS NOT UNDER CONTROL AND THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE ALBUMIN.  wHAT CAN i DO  OR IS THERE ANYTHING THAT i CAN DO TO ENSURE THEY TRY TO GET THIS UNDER CONTROL, THE SECIALIST SAID THAT ONCE IT GOES ABOVE 5 HE WILL DO AN OERATION stent through groin