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what would cause an 80 yr. old woman to have low hemoglobin A1, A2 and a high Hemoglobin F-8.9%? RBC. Hbg,Hct are low and MCV,MCH, RDW all high.


Nobody on the internet can tell you why you or your loved one have high/elevated hemoglobin levels. There are many possible causes of high hemoglobin; it's more of a symptom that a disease in itself. Among the possible reasons any person has elevated hemoglobin are smoking, liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, COPD, lung disease, and heart disease. At 80 years old, all kinds of things can be wrong with the body, so I would say, ask the doctor about this and make sure the person in question gets a very thorough physical checkup and perhaps an MRI scan, which should reveal potential problems.