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pls. tell me about stage 4 hodgkins disease thank you


Could you be more specific? Are you in the process of being diagnosed or are you following a loved one who's been diagnosed?

Staging in Hodgkin's has to do with the number of areas/zones in the body that are impacted by cancer. There are 4 total stages with 4 being the highest. There are other considerations that indicate how favorable or unfavorable the prognosis.  The good news is that, even at stage 4, the cancer has a high cure rate.

Per the National Cancer Institute...

In stage 4, the cancer:

  • is found outside the lymph nodes throughout one or more organs, and may be in lymph nodes near those organs; or
  • is found outside the lymph nodes in one organ and has spread to lymph nodes far away from that organ; or
  • is found in the lung, liver, or bone marrow.

Advanced unfavorable involves four or more of the following risk factors :
  • Being male.
  • Being aged 45 years or older.
  • Having stage IV disease.
  • Having a low blood albumin (protein) level (below 4).
  • Having a low hemoglobin level (below 10.5).
  • Having a high white blood cell count (15,000 or higher).
  • Having a low lymphocyte count (below 600 or less than 8% of the white blood cell count).