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i m 22 years old male , never drink alchol in my live , just smoke 3 4 cigrates a day , about last 4 month ago i got my Sgpt liver enzymes with range of 51 , i repeat my test and got 70 sgpt enzymes , mu doctor says its normal , i cleared all my hepititis B and C test as negative , i m very worried about these high enzymes problem , tell me some home remedy , i can't afford doctor


Livers like: high quality protein, B-vitamins and phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin).  

Eggs contain all of these nutritional factors in abundance.  Try eating a couple of eggs every day for a month and see if this helps.  If you don't like eggs, lecithin and B-vitamin supplements can be taken.  If your vegetarian, you need to find a good source of protein and up your protein intake to fix your liver issues.  

Also...  Toxins can cause high liver enzymes.  Chemicals at work (especially solvents) or the pain medication Tylenol (aka acetaminophen or paracetamol) can cause these high enzymes.  

PS.  I'm not a doctor...  This is just something I have learned from personal experience.