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 I went for an ultrasound on my liver as i have had elevated Liver enzymes for the past year, my ALT was in the 70s and AST were in the 60s or somewhere around there. The ultrasound picked up a 2mm polyp, the lady doing the US said that could be causing the elevated enzyme levels. No gallstones were seen on the US.

As for my liver she didn't say much, just to wait 2 weeks for the results, I'm worried sick! Could the polyp really be the cause for the elevation? I drink a few beers once a week, not to excess and i smoke socially. i recently lost 2 stone to bring my weight to 11st 10lbs, i'm 6ft 1in and run 3-4 times per week I'm going for another blood test next week as my last was over 3 months ago Anyone had a similar experience they can share, 2 weeks is a long time to wait for results.


Well, maybe even those two beers are not good for you. Now, when you have this diagnoses when this is found, you should avoid everything that is unhealthy. In some cases, a doctor can require a gallbladder polyps removal but that is not that dangerous. People should know that sometimes they may be able to lower the risk of colonic polyps by making some crucial lifestyle changes to address these behaviors. You can start by taking a low dose of aspirin and adding more calcium to your diet may also help prevent polyps or to control them. Your doctor may have other suggestions for reducing your risk, so you should consult him and ask him whatever you want to know.