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I have labs back and enzymes are extremely high.  ast=770, alt=1796 and alk=242.  Negative for hep c but getting mixed results on hep b.  Doc said liver shows hep b antibody but no sign of hep b virus.  She said that that is perplexing and wants to check enzymes for a third time in 2 weeks.  Said the second lab showed that enzymes had lowered but usually enzymes would be normal by now if it were acute hep b.  Said enzymes are still too high to be in the hep b range but should have dropped to normal if i had fought it off.  No abdominal pain.  Had really dark urine but it seems normal now.  The itching has finally subsided and have my energy back to 90%.  She said that if in 2 more weeks my enzyme levels will determine whether they do a liver biopsy.  Anyone have experience in such high enzyme levels? if so what kind of fight could i be facing?  i am scouring the internet to find out what i could possibly have if not hep b.


I seem to be in the same situation and this has repeated itself 4 times in the past four years.   Usually course of treatment is bedrest which I'm back on and increased anxiety wanting for the repeat testing done yesterday.  My ultrasound in the past have been fine and at one time I was told by doctors at USC I could have first form of Hep D .  I have in the past refused biopsy due to the fear they feel a liver transplant would be suggested.  How is your health today and have you received any treatment since post?