I'm very concerned about my husband and have been for a while. He has been a heavy drinker for over 13 years now. It has always concerned me. Not too long ago i noticed that he looked sick. He just walks around clutching his stomach, his eyes have been very yellow for a while now, his skin is too somewhat, he hardly eats, and just looks pale. He stopped drinking for two weeks prior to a physical that i had been begging him to make and his results turned up with "slightly higher than normal levels of liver enzymes in his blood".  Is there such thing? Doesn't any level of liver enzymes detected mean there is damage to the liver? The doctor wants to wait another month to take more blood but it worries me that this additional testing is so far down the road. It worries me that after weeks of not drinking this was detected.  His eyes are yellow, very yellow, even with not drinking in 3 weeks. We are waiting on the other results from the initial testing, what other testing would have been done? I feel like i am more concerned than my husband, should i be so scared about this?