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I am 37 for the last few days ive been experiencing horrifying cramps in my intestine each time after a meal.I feel nauseated some of the times but it really effects me after each meal, then it takes a day or 2 and I'll have diarrhea. What could this be?


You may be having issues with irritable bowel syndrome.  This is the condition is known to cause changes in your bowel movements and cause terrible cramping in a person afflicted with it.  It is not the same as Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease.  It is more of how the bowel is reacting rather then an abnormality with the bowel itself.  You can help it by eating more fiber in your diet.  You may also take anti-diarrheal medications or your doctor may prescribe something for you if it is not resolved by diet or OTC meds.  I have had IBS and the doctor prescribed medication that has helped it tremendously.  I hope you get relief as well.