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Hello, I am 20 years old. Tonight after having sex with my boyfriend I immediately felt an extreme pain in my lower abdomen. It has now been about 4 hours and I still have the pain. Both ovaries are sensitive to the touch and I am extremely bloated. I cannot move without sharp pains and it seems that the pain is moving its way under my ribs?? I don't know what is going on and I would rather not take a trip to the ER. I tried to take Midol but it did nothing for me. I had the urge to poop but it was very painful at first. After the bowel movement the pain still hasnt left :( Help please!!!


Hi there

Were you lubricated well during sex? However I will list few possible reasons -

The neck of the womb (cervix) should not normally be painful. However, if can become infected by many of the organisms which can infect the vagina - particularly herpes. If the cervix becomes inflamed then knocking it with the penis during sex may cause deep pain in the pelvis and sometimes across the fronts of the thighs. (Cervical cancer is thankfully very rare and does not usually cause painful sex.) The cervix may also become tender and sensitive if you have an intrauterine contraceptive device, particularly if it is sitting a little too low. This can cause sudden sharp pains in the cervix during sex.

Ovarian cysts

The presence of cysts on the ovaries can cause pain during sex (intercourse). This is because the ovaries can be knocked by the penis during intercourse and this can cause the cysts to leak fluid. It's not unusual to have cysts on the ovaries, as cyst formation is a normal part of the period (menstrual) cycle. However, these 'physiological cysts' are typically very small. Larger cysts are more likely to leak and cause pain, and can be a sign of endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, especially in younger women. In women who have passed their menopause, ovarian cysts are worrying, as they can be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Causes related to womb position

In some women the womb tilts backwards, rather than forwards; the ovaries then tend to fall backwards too. This can lead to them being knocked on positions involving deep penetration. This can result in deep pain in the pelvis that is more noticeable with deep penetration and which settles slowly when penetration stops or the position is modified.

Bowel pain

During intercourse the bowel is also knocked and moved. If the bowel is sensitive or tender then this can be the origin of pain during sex. This is particularly likely in women who have irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, all of which are conditions that cause the bowel to be painful.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

This is a condition of infection and inflammation of the Fallopian tubes, the womb and, sometimes, the ovaries. As these organs tend to experience movement during sex, it tends to lead to pain. The pain is typically felt deep in the pelvis, is worse with deep penetration and settles slowly when penetration stops. Pelvic inflammatory disease also tends to make you feel unwell, and may cause a temperature and a vaginal discharge.

May I suggest that you consult a healthcareprovider for correct diagnosis. Sex should not be painful at all. Good luck