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I have severe pains under my bust which might be my ribcage i take indigestion tablets although i don t have indigestion or heartburn i did a while ago but the systoms just went i do take anti inflamatorys tablets for sicatitaCode:


I checked around a little and these are a few things i came up with. You gotta start someplace right?
Have you ever heard of MEGACOLON?
This is when food does not move thru the colon, but gets trapped in the large intestine, which hangs under your ribs. It can be dangerous because there is the chance of food puncturing your colon, allowing blood and toxins to escape into the rest of your body cavities.

Have you been checked for IBS? irritable bowel syndrome.
Have you been checked for CELIAC disease? This means you can not eat wheat products.

My husband suffered for months and months with horrible stomach pain.
He went to the Doctor and was put on PRYLASEC.(check the spelling)
He has been fine so far.