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Now, I really am so into those Akavar diet pills. Last night, I’ve tried to find something more about those pills, and I found something about Akavar 20/50 where I could read clearly that you can eat whenever you want and whatever you want and you will still be able to lose your weight :) Now, I don’t know how that is possible, but if that is true, those are my number one pills :) But, to be honest, I don’t believe.

I was wondering just one thing, how akavar 20/50 diet pills can stop calorie intake?

Any information?




I am not sure how much you can eat without getting fat :) Please, don’t try this :D All I know that akavar is the ultimate fat cure and that you will see some results if you follow some healthy eating plan, but without some special restriction. You need to exercise as well. Akavar is designed to restrict your daily calorie intake to less than it is normal. Also, it will give energy to your body and you will lose your weight. As far as I know, people are satisfied with it.

But, negative side of those pills is that you will gain your weight back if you stop using them. So, think twice :)



Good day.

My neighbor, Nikki, is using those pills. She is very happy with them. I know that you will get 72 capsules in the box. It has some secret formula, so I really don’t know how exactly can help your calorie intake. As far as I know it does it automatically. So, I think that you really don’t need to count your calories, and tnx God to this product, because it is not expensive and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on other expensive products.

She also told me that you don’t need to count your calories and that you don’t need to cut out any of your favorite foods. I don’t agree with this if you are overweight.

But they can help you, for sure!