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Good day all,

So, my friend is using Leptoprin diet pills for a twenty days now. So far, she is ok with it, even if that is only the beginning. We will see will those pills work in her case.

So, she asked me what do I think, can Leptoprin diet pills be combined with fasting? I really don’t have an idea about this.

I decided to look up some good opinions here, so please, let me know what do you think?

Have you tried to combine those together? If you have, what do you think, what do you know?

Let me know.

Thank you very much! 


Good day,

So, leptoprin diet pills are a generic brand fat burner and they actually can help you fight your pounds. So, it is OK if you combine it with some diet program, and I believe that fasting combined with these diet pills will work just fine.

Anyway, I don’t know body and organism condition, or health stuffs from her medical history, but you need to know, I will repeat it again, you can play with diet pills and take them by your own hand. That is not OK, because you never know what effects can have on you.

So, tell her to ask her doctor this question.

Good luck!



Hello girls,

How are you? I am not sure! I think that fasting is not that safe to combine it with Leptoprin diet pills, because they are OK and effective, but my opinion is that you need to combine it with something such as carbo or protein diet program. I am really not sure about fasting. We all know that fasting imitates your calorie intake, and I am not so sure how you will react on diet pills such as Leptoprin.

Maybe you should try, or your friend, it doesn’t matter, some other diet program.

You really need to be careful with those combined things.

Good luck!