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Hey there,

Do you know how fast Leptoprin weight loss pills work? I need some time, I don’t need it to be exact.

I have read a lot about them, but I want to know some time when I can expect some result, does not matter will that be in two months or two years. I am asking this because I want to know is it worth of using them, because, as far as I know they are pretty expensive, and I really don’t want to give my money on something that does not work!

Please, share your opinion.



Good day,

Don’t worry, you will not wait two years to see some results :) You will lose your pounds with Leptoprin weight loss pills very soon actually, because some of them saying that this is magic pill.

My best friend lost around 27 kilograms in four months while she was using these pills. Actually, I think that she still consume Leptoprin. Maybe they are a little bit expensive, but when you have some amazing result, that is OK and it is worth of buying it, right?

What do you think, does anyone have some similar or different experience?




Thank you,

My friend told me that these pills are just like a magical pills as well, but I was not sure what to think about it. Does that mean that I will lose my pounds fast or not :) I will definitely go to my doctor on Monday and ask him about these pills, so I believe that he will tell me more about them. I have money for something that is able to help me. If Leptoprin is the one, I won’t mind spending all my salary :) LOL

Thank you for your help!

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