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Hi everyone

Since I have an illness that stops me from using many kinds of drugs, I had to stop using weight loss pills that I’ve been using for a while. My doctor says that my bowels are too fragile and that the pills are not helping them at all.

Anyways, I am planning to try Maker’s diet instead. I like everything that I’ve heard about it. I love the fact that it includes healthy, natural food. I am ready to limit and maybe even cut off completely junk food. I am just worried that maybe the daily amount of calories that is specified for following this diet won’t be enough for me. Is this diet a low calorie diet?


Hi TinkerBell,

Sorry about your illness. I suppose it has something to do with bowel inflammation? If that is right maybe the maker’s diet will be good for you since it doesn’t consider consuming spicy or unhealthy food.

As for the calories, I think you won’t have a problem. Give yourself time to adjust. After a while, you will get used to it and you won’t even notice the calorie reduction. Just don’t over think it. If you constantly think about how much calories you are  consuming, you may feel the lack of calories more mentally than physically.

I hope this diet will work for you.



Hello TinkerBell23

I read the Jordan Rubin’s book.  In his book he writes about the idea that came up in 1930s- if you reduce the calorie intake by 20 or even 40 percent, that will improve your health and extend your lifespan. So literally if you eat less, you will live longer.

Some people didn’t approve this since this means you should live your whole life starving, and they didn’t think that God would give us such wonderful food if he wanted us not to eat it.

Jordan, on the other hand,  thinks that we have to find a happy medium. But he supports the idea of reducing calories a bit in order to have a long life.