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Hello people,

I am really trying to reduce junk food to the minimum. I can’t do that at this moment, right away, but I am trying, I really do. I am trying to eat healthy at least five times a week. Maybe that is not enough, but I will try – step by step.

The question that I want to ask you is about Core Balance diet program. Has anyone in here following this diet program?

Do you know, what foods are no – no if you are following this diet program?please, let me know, because I am very curios :)

Tnx a lot! 



The one thing I do know is what you need to eat. At first week, you should detox and clean your organism. That is the only way when you can continue with other phases. But, before you begin this diet program or some exercise regime, you should consult your doctor, especially if you already know that you have some healthy issues.

Now, about the foods that you need to avoid – at first place, you need to avoid white bread, pastas and fried foods.

At the first week, you should drink as much as detox smoothies you can.You will see the results, I know :)





Hey there,

As far as I know, you should avoid Greece, Thai and Chinese food. So, don’t eat them, even if you do know how delicious it can be. Also, you need to avoid high – energy treats, such as all those delicious ice creams and desserts, especially late at night. It will be a lot of calorie intake and you really don’t want that. Count your calories. In fact, all you should do is to avoid eating any kind of food after 8 pm to fit your body.The book is great, so I really do recommend you to read it.

Good luck! 




I don’t think that this diet program is for me lol :) I found some page on the facebook, just about this Core balance diet program, and I have to say that is pretty much confusing for me. OK, I got it, I can’t eat late at night, but there are so many other things that I don’t understand in this whole process.I don’t know, maybe I am making mistake, but I think that some diet program still is waiting for me lol :)

Anyway, thank you for trying to tell me so much about this diet program.

It is really helpful anyway!