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I am 19 years old and i am dating a girl underage. we first started dating when i was a senior and she was a freashman...our first month together bieng in love was the best feeling i have ever felt in my entire life same with her.she was happy ...i was happy...nothing could go wrong.I dont know what happend but now were taking a break from each other(she cant deal with the emotions of a relationship)...but shes says its not my fualt she just wants time alone...but i feel like i need her.(even though she assurs me that she will come back to me) she is now a junior and im a freshman in college. weve been dating for about 2 years now.

the first month we were together...we were inseperable and im talking soulmates...everything was perfect.but she says that back then she shut herself away from all of her freinds and events just to be with me. and now shes wants them back...and now im paying the price. the reason we got in this big fight was becuase i got upset that i bareley get to see her face to face once a week.also she told me that she doesnt need to see me to know she loves me...but...i guess i need to see order to know...i mean i do know i love her but i like to see her...and i like to express my emotions physically.

Monday - she dances
Tuesday- she stays after school for tech
Wensday- (sometimes open)
Thursday-she dances
Friday- her parents ussually make her do something
Saturday-her parents ussually make her do something
Sunday- is usually the only day i get to see her.

i don't blame her for wanting all of this...i'm understanding...but i do get much that we fight least 3 times a week.

but i dont want to lose my heart i know shes the one and she knows i am too...but how do i make this work?

i am a jelous person and i hate it when guys talk to her but..shes never cheated on me or hinted on it at all so..its really stupid i'm jealous...
oh...maybe because I'm her first boyfriend, and ive had others girls that loved other poeple while bieng with me.maybe im scared of that...i'm scared of bieng hurt...and also why im not taking this break very well im always thinking about her...and every time i try to talk to her...i wind up crying because i need her...or so i think.this is only the first day of that break by the way.

i really am a jealous person.,,she's canceled on me a couple be with her friends...but only a couple,but it hurts me inside...but not much.

i want to solve my trust issues becuase thats what i think is making this relationship complicated.shes so loyal its not even funny.Please someone help me...please... i need to figure this out but i cant do it alone...I'm begging anyone for help...little tips i don't care...just something i can use to better my wonderful relationship with my loving girlfriend because she makes me so happy.she deserves a better me and i'm willing to do anything to be that man for her.


first you have to give her her own space and take some time and do something for yourself,let her be the one looking for you,and best believe if she been with you all this time,i think you can do this! just let her look for you,and you be busy as much you can,preoccupi yourself with load of things and hey,if she dont look for you in mean time you still look handsome and its so many girls to choose from,but first love yourself and get busy! you might be surprised how many things can make you happy and so what if all you have its yourself! get new friends too and communicate with different people! just get her of your mind and do some else,hope you handle this like a man!good luck! mom32y,old



Hey, even if it doesnt work out, you are only 19 years old. I promise you between now and the time you are 25 you will have a drastically different view on things. Take time to discover yourself. Be social, go to parties, meet some new people. Find out what you want for sure. Regarding her, she is young, dont be "that guy" that ruins everything for her. Treat her the way you know she deserves to be treated. You seem like you really care for this young woman, and it sounds like she cares about you too. You talk about how loyal she is, so why on earth would you be jealous if you know she wouldnt do wrong? Sounds to me like Mamalove is on to something. Girls like a challenge in this sense. Turn the tables on her, start finding things to do. Not every single day, but when you stop asking about seeing her and spending time with her it is going to catch her attention. Make her chase you. She will lose interest if she knows she has you wrapped around her finger. 19 is a little young to try to get into a serious relationship in my opinion. You have your whole life ahead of you. Im 17 years old, and my girlfriend and i are living together. We have been for about a year. It can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things somedays to be around somebody constantly, you WILL get on eachothers nerves at some point. We fight, and argue, and we can both be jealous, but at the end of the day i still love her and i would not change a thing. Just know, that she is YOUR girlfriend, and does not claim to be anybody elses. Be happy that you get to see her once a week. Dont make it something that she is going to dread. Just hang in there either way. Hope this helped.


Nice, you speak well