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Okay.. This maybe a long one, but bare with me.. 

Where do I start?

I'm 20 Years of age, and a few months ago I met this 27 Year old women online, We got talking and became friends, I started getting feelings for her but knew nothing would come of it, That's until it took a twist, and I admitted to her that I had feelings for her and that she admitted she did with me too. A month or so later we decided we was going to meet up, It went fantastic, She lives about 3 hours away from me, and when she got home she sent me a text saying so and a "I Love you" at the end that really put a smile on my face.

So, Let's speed up to present day. By nature she's a really busy person, and whenever we talk it seems to be brief, and we're not that intimate as we used to be (Cybersex) and because it's a bit of a long distance relationship, I kinda lack the reassurance that's she's "Mine" and I get a bit depressed because I'm scared I might loose her. She chatted about her past a little bit.. not much at all, but it made me jealous for some reason, More curiosity I think.. But it puts a downer on me, and I don't know why!!!!

A few hours ago.. I checked her facebook, (I've added her, but she's not accepted me) She said that she doesn't use facebook much at all in a brief convo we had with each other when we met up.. and before I added her, anyhow.. She enabled some of her pictures or the new facebook update did.. and just looking at them.. I had a megarush of happiness, sadness and jealousy all at the same time.. Why do I have these feelings!! The pictures on their were just her 25th B-Day and some holiday pictures, non with other blokes or flirty at all. I just felt so odd with those feelings..

I think I'm just a little needy in reassurance (She's admitted she's a big girl and can take care of herself), I think I'm also a little uptight about what she could get up too, and also very scared of loosing her.. I think that is the main thing.. scared of loosing her! 

I want to be with her for the rest of my life.. she's 27 so I don't think she's doing it for a fling.. 

Just these feelings grr! and I'm scared to talk to her about it in fear of pushing her away...

Is this normal? what i'm experiencing.


It is normal. You seem to have real feelings for her which is why you are so sensative. When i was 16 i met a girl who was 18 when i was an exchange student in Thailand. She was my host sister we hooked up the 2 weeks before i left. We had a long distance relationship 13000 miles and we could only talk on the phone and skype. Im in the us so we could only talk on weekend because of the 13 hour time difference. I always felt like she might be cheating on me and she was going to leave me. But then this past summer she came and visited me for 3 months and now shes back in thailand again until i go there next summer to see her. It worked suprisingly well. Even though i know her family and their behaviors, and know she would never cheat on me i still think it. Now im 17 and shes 20 and its all good. So i think its completely normal.

Goodluck man i hope you stay happy with her. Also when in doubt try not to think about it because it can really get to you


Its all in the texts, and the comp communication, boy those things can play havoc with the mind, pick the phone up more, see one another, and even move closer if either of you can, theres nothing like real life touch and talking with one another. Cams and texts are great for the person whose single and needs some form of way  in order to meet someone I guess,  but once you do, theres nothing like a relationship killer then to stay on them. If you have to you will need to find ways in order for it to work, try not reading into every message as they are without the feelings attached, and never assume.. and most of all when your feeling like you do ,  try and remember that your insecurites are totally normal living in this type of relationship, however for it to continue you will need to relax.. Every time you feel these things, just get busy and try not focus on those feelings.