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i am 16 years old and live in Southern California. i just found out that i am pregnant and am about a month. Knowing that sumthing inside me is growing TERRIFIES Me.. and that is why i want to take the choice of abortion without my parents knowing a thing. i am too scarred and ashamed of telling them. They just wouldnt Understand and im shure my parents would be against it. it isn't something i would like to do.. but its the only option that my bf and i have right now because we are just teenagers and are Not Ready to have a baby. How can i make this work without my parents?! HELP!!! i dont know how to make this work?! :'(



You do have options, but I must ask that you NOT TRY TO DO YOUR OWN ABORTION. It is very dangerous and could kill you.

Are you positive that you're pregnant? Have you seen a doctor?

That said, check with your local planned parenthood. They can give you all the information you need. You can also talk to your school nurse or guidance counselor. I do not know what the law is in California but you may be able to do this without your parents permission.

You could also put the baby up for adoption.

Regardless, you really need to tell your parents. I know you're scared and ashamed but they won't stop loving you because of this. Your parents may be very supportive. You could broach the subject by just discussing abortion and not telling them why.

Keep us posted. We're all here to help you.

Good luck.


You need some more professional counseling that I can provide here.
I URGE you to either see a Planned Parenthood counselor, or your family doctor.
How did you confirm your pregnancy? EPT kit? Medical exam? Clinic test?
If you haven't gotten it confirmed by a medical clinic, you need to do this to make
sure that it's not a false positive.
You have a window of time when you can abort the pregnancy without serious legal problems, so you need to move quickly to schedule an appointment. You need to be talking with someone locally who can guide you through this.

There's a whole 'nother area of discussion about how this happened, and the need to practice birth control every time... but that'll probably come up in your discussion with a nurse or Planned Parenthood professional. So I won't get on a soap box here. You're past that point right now, but you'll need to address it later.

Good luck.