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I'm 16 I had sex  protected but I don't know if the condom broke because I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I'm really scared to tell my parents, she will kill me if I'm ever pregnant at this age my mom is really  strict  and a church person she don't believe in abortion either do I but in this condition I really don't want this baby. I'm not really to be a mother at this age. I live in Utah and I want to have in abortion without my  parents  consultants. What do I do please help me 


Hi guest,

Parental consent is required in Utah. 

You're going to have to tell your parents.  They will find out soon enough.

Abortion is not your only option.  You can put the baby up for adoption.

Talk to someone you trust - an adult.  You are not alone in going through this.  Planned Parenthood may be of help to you.

Good luck.