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I realize the best way to be absolutely sure about an injury it to consult a health care professional.

I'm a medical student and probably know a little more about injuries than the average Joe. But I'm working on refining my skills - mostly by identifying my own injuries!

I don't have any major problems, but have been working on increasing my mileage, about 15% per week.

I had trouble with my tensor facia lata - at the top of the IT band. Now I'm having knee pain on the opposite side and wonder if it is just the other end of the other IT band.

After running a couple miles it hurts on the left knee, outside edge, kind of crossing over the joint. It gets worse as I run. But within 24-36 hours after a run it is gone.

I've done the basic diagnostics to be sure it isn't a meniscal tear, etc. I'm assuming something tendonitis-like since it always goes away fairly easily.

Anybody have any experience with this kind of problem?



I've been checked out by an excellent osteopathic physician. This type of problem with the fibular head is almost exclusive to runners. It comes from the impact of running, especially if your foot happens to land the wrong way, and repeatedly, altering the way your fibula moves against your tibia.

Interestingly, my talus (bone in the foot) was displaced anteriorly which was helping hold the fibula in the "bad" position, causing the problem to not want to go away. He did some manipulation and I could immediately feel things move better. It is still a little sore but improving rapidly.

I plan to take it easy a few more days and then try a run and see how it goes.