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as i run more and pay more attention to my revised form, and as i continue to try NOT to favor my left leg (which has seemingly recovered entirely from surgery), i notice how asymetrical my form is.

when i come down on my right foot, i always land on the outside of my foot, with my toe very slightly turned inward -- my foot lands closer to underneath the center of my body than my left. this is a direct cause of the great pain i'm having in the inside lower calf muscle. landing on my left foot, ironically the formerly injured ankle/knee, my form is great - i land with my weight distributed evenly left-right on my foot and it feels just fine.

i plan on calling my insurance company tomorrow to see if i can get coverage to return to my physical therapist to follow up with this, since it has only come about following my left leg's recovery. in the meantime, and should they not cover it, how can i help this?? I have no experience in modifying my walking/running form. would some sort of shoe insert help? if so, would i elevate the inside or outside of my foot --- an insert on the inside of my foot would even my stride but not "fix" the cause, elevating the outside would exagerate the problem and thus possibly fix it when the insert is removed..??

anything you guys could offer would be great. i don't have any other resources to inquire of right now and i'm hoping i'm not the first here with this problem.

thanks a bunch!!!


I had some bad bouts of plantar fasciitis and what helped me identify some of the recurring mistakes was to go to a physical therapist running buddy of mine. He did the whole gait-analysis on me. You know, watched my form running, walking, took measurements, flexiblity tests, looked at ALL my shoes. It was uber comprehensive and when it was said and done I learned some important things about my form. Costwise it was $100. My insurance covered it, but even if they hadn't, it would have been wellll worth it. Heck, I spent the much 3x over on the wrong kinds of shoes before that. So my recommend is to go get a professional gait-analysis done.