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I'm 14, so I can't have sex, or buy something. I'd like to know a good way to masturbate. I've heard people say that masturbating is a natural human thing, and I hope that's true. I'm a female, by the way. I haven't tried too much. I'm not 100% sure where the clit is, but I know what is it and the general area it's in. I have a way of pleasuring myself, but it's a slight hassle, since I have to get into the tub and turn on the water, etc. Step by step instructions would be nice? Also, I'd rather not use food or a toothbrush.

Thank you to anyone who helps.


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Hi Molly, the best thing for you to do would be to Google where is my clitoris then look on Google image and it will show you a diagram of the area then get undressed sit on the floor with a flash light and hand mirror and explore your and find out where everything is.
To masturbate don't just use clitoral or actual internal stimulation get undressed lay on your bed naked and relax start by thinking of guys/girls you find hot and your find yourself getting turned on, start by stroking your breasts working in to your nipples stroke tickle and squeeze them for a while then let one hand slide down between your open legs and start to caress up and down your labia majora for a while then slip a finger between your labia and softly work up and down to spread any lubrication your vagina has produced after a while with your other hand spread your labia and start to circle your clit with a wet finger and see how that feels.
If you would like to know more just ask on here or by private message :-)